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"Once you start reading this book you can't put it down.It is a beautiful story tying in the old East End, Kent, Hong Kong and Essex. The trips to the hop fields have conjured up in my mind such lovely carefree, balmy days full of camaradarie. In fact because of this and the author's description I am planning a visit to the hop field museum in Kent this summer. This is just what you need from a book, well writtenаand to transport you to another place and time, emotional, sexy and exciting.”

"Brilliant book. Really worthy of a five star review.I could not put the book down. It took me down memory lane and the author did not give any clues throughout the book as to what the ending could be. It has a great storyline which keeps you veryаinterested and is really well written

"Worth waiting for the second book from this author. Completely different story that grips you right from the start. Beautifully wriiten and very informative with regards to France and the way of life, transports you there and then back to England using all your senses.”аreading this book. It contained all of the right ingredients - engaging characters, with an engrossing story to tell in well-described situations and places. The links between the historical and current stories were also easily understood.

"I am really looking forward to reading more from Kate, especially if the stories are set in France!"I super read. Certainly makes you think. I loved the character of Ruth. What she had to put up with from the "witch or botch" of a daughter ...and the old boot of a mother in law. Great read ..chick lit too. Saying no more just that I loved it.”

A very enjoyable book, good strong storyline and interesting characters.I loved the description of life in France.I was gripped from start to finish and shall certainly look out for Kate's next book.

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ай Kate McCarthy.