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The Oast House, Debut novel

The road that leads one to their destiny is said to be predetermined. Two people, Cathy and Johnnie begin on that same road with hope, but the twists and turns of life force them to pursue different avenues, different lives through no fault of their own.а Will destiny be their friend, or will destiny destroy them?

From their beginnings in the East End of London to the shores of Hong Kong, against all odds, the two struggle to obtain their goals and to rise above prejudice in the 1960’s

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Orchids & Dragonflies

In December 2005 Ruth takes possession of a dilapidated old farmhouse in France, bought with money from a small inheritance. Her husband, uninterested from the outset, sees Ruth struggle alone desperately to overcome what she sees as one of the biggest mistakes of her life, the purchase of the house.

From a nightmare beginning, when in the depths of winter she is forced to visit the house alone, the secrets of the old house gradually reveal themselves and begin to influence the consequences of her life.

Courage, defiance and determination are her strengths.а But will they be enough to sustain her through the trials and tribulations that she will encounter? Your past, present and future ultimately become your inseparable moments in time.

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ай Kate McCarthy.