About Kate


I was born in the East End of London and lived there for twelve formative years. I then moved to Essex but continued my grammar school education in London until the age of 17.

My first employment was in London for some years, in insurance, then I returned to education – back to college for three years - and became a teacher of maths & computing.

I enjoy worldwide travel, have renovated an old farmhouse in France, with my husband, having lived there, on and off, for over ten years.


Always a passion for books, I now have the time to fulfil the ambition to write myself, still managing to pursue many other hobbies including watercolour painting, theatre and music.

I am married, have one son and still reside in Essex, England.

‘The Oast House’ was my debut novel, followed by Orchids & Dragonflies.


The genre I prefer to write in is drama and romance, but am always looking to expand on other areas.

After a frustrating period of trying to get published throughа‘normal’ channels I decided toа‘go it alone’ and self publish, which I have found very satisfying, if not arduous.

ай Kate McCarthy. kate-j-mccarthy@live.co.uk